Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cayambe, Ecuador

From the Alpine Ascents itinerary:
With 5,789 m / 18,993 ft, Cayambe is the third highest mountain in the Andes of Ecuador. It is also the highest point on earth through which the Equator line passes. Cayambe is located on the eastern cordillera, some 65 km north-east of Quito. This heavily glaciated volcano is considered active. According to some people the meaning of the word Cayambe is: "water, the source of life". We will start the climb at about midnight. From the refuge, we will ascend the rocky ridge up to the beginning of the glacier. Once on the glacier we will aim to the rock outcrop known as Jarrin peaks. From the top part of this rocky feature we will head towards the summit. From the top we can admire the subsidiary north and east summits of Cayambe as well as the big mountains such as Cotopazi and Antizana in the south. The ascent takes seven hours and the descent three to four hours. After the climb we pack up and travel to Hacienda Guachala, to rest and relax before heading off to our next objective.

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