Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chimborazo, Ecuador

From the Alpine Ascents itinerary:
On our way to Chimborazo we will visit San Augustin de Callo. This hacienda was built on the site of an Inca palace. It constitutes one of the two most important archaeological sites in Ecuador, and the point furthest from Cuzco of Imperial style construction. Besides the farmhouse has a unique blend of architectural styles: 15th century Inca, 16th century Colonial and century Republican. After visiting this interesting place, we will travel by bus to the Chimborazo Basecamp lodge (3,950 m / 12,959 ft) located at the foothills of the highest volcano in Ecuador. This cozy accommodation in a spectacular setting will give us another opportunity to rest before our most demanding climb. There will be several opportunities to spot vicunas once we reach the foothills of Chimborazo. These camelids together with the other members of their family: alpacas and llamas are the biggest native South American mammals.

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