Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tenby / Carew, Wales

Sun:  We woke up to a beautifully clear day, so off we went to Carew to see another castle.  Aaron and I got there by car (two round-abouts, perfectly executed, thankyouverymuch!).  Josh, on the other hand, covered the 6 miles on foot.  Then he decided that wasn't quite enough, so ran on past, doubled back, over, up, and through until he got bored and decided that 12.5 would be plenty for one day.  A quick towel off and a dry sweat-shirt later, he was ready to join us.  Our self-appointed tour guide used the time to verify the posted signs and eventually determined that we should probably take the path toward the castle.
Just off the main path to our left, we passed the Celtic Cross that stands at Carew.  Carved in stone in the 11th century and standing 14 feet tall, the cross is quite spectacular!  


As impressive as the cross was, there was still a little matter of the castle directly behind us.

Unfortunately, upon reaching the reception, we discovered that despite the listed opening times on the website, the gates were firmly locked.   Our tour guide, not the least bit daunted by this change of events, picked up a stick and led us down the path towards the nearby tidal mill.

(This, by the way, this type of very solid stone wall is what potentially lurks under the ever-so-soft and gentle looking greenery that tends to (closely) line either side of the roads around here.  Not exactly a "soft" shoulder...)

The causeway leading to the tidal mill was undergoing construction (the tidal mill is closed during the winter), so we snapped a few more pictures and headed home. 

Mon:  Back to the school-work-cleaning grind.  Aaron rediscovered the dominoes after school and set to work creating pathways under, around, and through anything in his direct path.


Then Daddy rediscovered the dominoes when he got home from work

and pretty soon all three of us were busy making sure the no domino was left behind.

Tues and Weds:  Same old, same old.  Boys did their thing and I cut another minute off my 5K time.  Pretty impressive when you pause to consider the fact that the last hill gets at least 15 feet longer and steepens by at least 5% every time I run it.  My pride demands that the neighbors don't see me walk up it, though, so although it isn't pretty, I run all the way to the door!  (No, we're not going to compare notes on what I consider "running" vs. what Josh does when he is actually running.)

Thurs:  The CRB cleared me to work in a volunteer capacity at the school, so I spent the morning helping out in the library and then went to Saundersfoot with a friend for lunch at the Cliff Restaurant.  Ironically, Josh and Aaron presented me with an early birthday card that evening for a fabulous day of being pampered at the spa at St. Brides. Mmmmm... I think I could rather get used to that kind of irony!

Fri:  Almost didn't come quickly enough!  Another good run for me in the morning, then I spent the day finishing up the house chores so that we could play all weekend.

Sat:  We were hopeful that after having lived here for (almost) 5 months, we'd FINALLY have built up enough "history" to help us qualify for a proper cell-phone contract.  Sadly, our new iPhones will have to wait a little longer to come home with us.  After having spent the last 15+ years being people who show up on credit checks as a good risk, having no traceable identity really puts a damper on foolishly spending our money on things we already have the next-to-last-version of.  In our defense, the iPhones that we had in the States remain locked, despite having payed in full for the phones when we broke our not-going-to-work-in-the-UK-unless-you-want-to-pay-through-the-teeth-for-roaming contracts.  Josh has an almost useable Blackberry through work, but being a person with no identity, no job, and a visa that restricts me from getting a job, I only qualify for a pay-as-you-go phone that sometimes forgets how to make phone calls.  First world problems, I know, I know.  Still?  It kinda sucks.

Next week is starting out on a high note, well, for me at least.  I have no idea what the boys are planning to do once they drop me off to be properly pampered!  This week we'll leave you with this video as Aaron thought it would be a neat idea to show everyone what a waterwheel (like the one we think might be at the tidal mill in Carew) can do.  Enjoy!

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