Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tenby / Pembroke, Wales

Sun:  As promised, we made our way to Pembroke to play in the park. We haven't found too many parks locally (none within walking distance) with play structures, so it was a real treat to have the whole place almost entirely to ourselves!  After climbing and swinging and spinning and jumping and going over, under, up, through, and around, we wandered over to the adjacent field to practice some of the football skills that Aaron had picked up in his camp last week.
I do exist!

Afterward, we walked up the hill and into town to recharge.  After our Sunday Lunch at The Royal George, we wandered around the corner and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Pembroke Castle.  There is a fun virtual tour of the castle here and this site has even more (and, quite frankly, better) pictures along with a summary of the history of Pembroke Castle.  

Looking back at the main entrance... the town of Pembroke lies beyond the stone walls.
Leave it to Aaron to find the only electrical
outlet in the place. 

This was perhaps the most astonishing "room" that we encountered during our visit:

This is the Wogan Cavern -- an enormous limestone cavern in which tools from the Middle Stone Age and Roman coins have been found.  The Normans, who later built the stone fortress above, probably used this cavern as storage for supplies and boats.  

Josh gives you an idea of the vastness of this cavern! 

Mon:  Aaron took full advantage of his last day of winter break and used up all but 15 minutes of the screen-time he had earned for the week.  We made grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast, popped two different kinds of popcorn (buttered and sweet), and hung out in our jammies until nearly noon.  For lunch Chef Aaron created his "Year Starter and Ender Sandwich" -- a tasty little concoction of bread, turkey, butter, turkey, bread, turkey, butter, turkey, bread, turkey, butter, turkey, bread, turkey, tomato, lettuce, butter, turkey, sugar/brown sugar, and bread in that order.  After a couple of trial runs (parsley, salt, pepper, and lemon juice didn't make the cut), it was decreed good enough to earn a space in his recipe book. 

Tues - Fri:  Back to school for Aaron!  He was all smiles both at drop-off(s) and pick-up(s), so I'm guessing he really meant it when he told me the Friday before that he was "ready to see all my friends because you're just a little bit boring sometimes, Mommy."  I took full advantage of having some time and the house to myself and got through the last of the boxes of stuff that we brought with us because we just couldn't imagine living without the contents.  Almost 5 months later, most of those oh-so-important items were given a permanent home in the storage room (aka the not-quite-big-enough-for-a-car garage).  

Sat:  Today was a lazy, hang around the house day.  It was cold(ish) and fairly windy -- the perfect day to stay inside with a cup of tea and a puzzle!  


  1. Love the pictures and the comments. Aaron is so honest when he speaks you can really have your feelings hurt. He is just saying what he feels. I hope he doesn't out grow his honesty, but it is ok if he adds one or two filters.

    1. Laurie, if nothing else, raising this kid will help thicken my skin:). He was a little annoyed with me after I told him that I wasn't all that interested in playing with his DS, but that I'd be happy to work on a puzzle or play a board game with him instead. I guess the previous week and a half of board games and puzzles must have been all that he could handle, thus, his comment :). I'm so glad you're following along and enjoying the pictures and commentary. Can't wait to see you in February!!!