Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tenby / Carmarthen, Wales

Welcome to the new(ish) site.  Along with the unpacking of boxes and readjusting our family habits these past 4 months, I've been struggling to figure out what goes where, story and thought-wise.  I'm still playing around with the layout (both figuratively and literally), but for now this is the landing spot for the communally shareable but not, perhaps, communally interesting.  Put another way, this is where I will put the bits and pieces in which both my mother and mother-in-law might be interested -- pictures from trips, weekly updates of our oh-so-exciting lives, and anything else that fits under the heading of "JoshandSusanandAaron".  Facebook goes back to being the forum for quick quips and general shout outs and for stalking the lives of everyone else.  My personal blog goes back to being personal.  And I think the blender will go back to the shelf under the microwave.  I'll update Facebook as I put something new up here.

Some of you playing along might recognize some of the earlier posts since this site started out as a way to chronicle Josh's climbing trip in Ecuador during the summer of 2009.  Go back even further and you'll find that I've begun adding in the pictures and stories of some of our even earlier adventures.  The final product, I hope, will be something we three can look back on as a sort of memory book.  That is assuming, of course, that I keep it up and that there is at some point an end to the traveling.

So, without any further introduction or explanation, here's the first of our weekly updates:

(Sat)Sun:  We all managed to stay awake until midnight this year!  At about 11:45, we bundled up and walked into the town center to experience our first New Year, Tenby style.  Midnight marked a balloon drop from an enormous netting stretched across Tudor Square, followed by a fireworks extravaganza.  Surrounded by faces peering happily up into the night sky, the feeling that 2012 is going to be a very special year was palpable.
Another good sign for the New Year?  The entire family sleeping in past 9:30am!  Meltdowns following the up-all-night revelry were kept minimal and only one of us had to take a time out before early bedtime was declared at 7:30pm.

Mon:  We packed up and drove into Carmarthen to see Arthur Christmas.  Well worth the drive -- we all enjoyed the story, though it's entirely possible that one of us enjoyed more than his fair share of the popcorn.

Tues/Weds:  Aaron attended football(soccer) camp at the Leisure Centre.  In the evenings, we finalized dates for a trip back to the States in February (hooray!).

Fri:  Aaron showed off his Welsh skills at dinner in a local restaurant... after ordering a cheeseburger and asking for ketchup for his chips(fries)

Sat:  Josh ran through the nearby country side while Aaron and I walked down to the beach in search of seashells.  I promised one minute of screen time for every shell we picked up... 130 shells later, I decided we had enough to get started on our little project and Aaron was more than happy to spend some quality time collecting coins and stomping on turtles with his best friend Mario.

Tomorrow we're headed to Pembroke to play in the park and visit the castle where King Henry VII was (apparently) born.

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