Monday, January 12, 2015

Place Holder Post

Just got confirmation that our 2015 New Years cards are shipping today and realized that there is a good likelihood that at least some of our nearest and dearest will get theirs (and directions to our happy online home) before I actually get the latest news and pics posted.  Sooooo...

Welcome!  Glad you're here! C'mon in and look around! Grab a chair and a cuppa and browse the archives (aka the posts before the hard-drive crashed and updating our travel blog slipped to the bottom of the to-do list).  

I hope to get back to posting regularly before the end of January, though the once-a-week thing isn't likely to be sustainable now that we've thrown our family hat into the homeschooling arena (again).   I also hope to fill in the gaps of the past two years with the images and stories that we collected along the way.  I'll try to make it obvious that there's something new to see, even if it isn't the most recent chronologically.  

It's good to have you here... We hope you'll come back often!

~Josh, Susan, and Aaron

                     ( from the balcony of our hotel room in Hurghada, Egypt; December 2015)